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Training on LPS Lightning Protection System

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Company professional team consist of experts and lightning researchers from Laboratory of High Voltage Current - Electrical Engineering Department - ITB Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia, dedicated engineers and technicians with experience in the design, installation and implementation of LPS Lightning Protection System in the tropical region.  
As leader in this field and with the most experienced experts, the company organizes a Training & Seminar on LPS Lightning Protection System since 1990. 
Since 3 decades the company has built a strong research cooperation with many international lightning research institutes around the world and with international lightning protection manufactures as well. 

LPS Practical Training at ITB's Lightning Research Station - Mount Tangkuban Perahu West Java

Since 1990, regularly three times a year, the company organizes Training & Course on LPS Lightning Protection System. The course will provide the knowledge of LPS, the types and the new development of lightning & surge protection system, grounding system & thermowelding, Standard Lightning Protection IEC and NFPA, Local Code & Standard, types of lightning arresters and arester tester, internal & external lightning protection, risk analyzes of LPS, follow by discussion about LPS & Grounding problem. The course will include the site visit to ITB Lightning Research Station at Tangkuban Perahu Mountain +2030 m above sea level and the only natural lightning research station under the equator located in the tropical area.  
Since 1990, many engineers, technicians, managers and decision makers have been participated in this training. They represented company such as Chevron, Caltex Pacific Iindonesia, Conoco Phillips, Pertamina, Unocal, CNOOC China National Offshore Oil Corp, KUFPEC Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Company, PT.Badak NGL, PT Total Indonesie Balikpapan, Exxon Mobil, PT.Inco Int'l Nickel Company (PT.Vale Indonesia), PLN Indonesian State Electricity Company, PT.Indosat,  PT.TELKOM, PT Citra Sari Makmur CSM- Indonesian Satellite Company, Pgascom, Bakrie Telkom, Singapore Changi & Selatar Airport Management,  Dubai Petroleum and many other foreign & Indonesian companies.
For additional information about the course, please send e-mail or contact our office. 

LPS Training with site visit to Indosat Tower Cisarua Lembang West Java.

LPS training at Berau Coal Kalimantan organized by Zeus Prima Garda

Lightning protection training at Bakrie Telcom Jakarta.

Zeus On-Site LPS training is organized at the customer location such as Berau Coal, Bakrie Telcom

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