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Zeus develops & manufactures the surge & lightning arrester product that most suitable to protect equipment & installation in the tropical country.

Protection for Communication
Signal System


Disconnection Type:10pairs LSA-PLUS/Krone, Single Pair LSA-PLUS, LSA PLUS, 10 pairs RM terminal, LSA-PLUS ting block

Protection for Control System


Technical Data:
2 Poles,universal surge protective device for installation in modular terminal block system protecting information technology systems & equipment. Nominal Voltage: 5,24,110V. Max Continous Operating Voltage 6V,26.8V,190V. Nominal Load Current 100mA, Max Discharge Current (8/20us) Imax=20kA. Voltage Protection Level Isn=<65V(L-L), Bandwidth 0.85Mhz, Series Resistance 25Ohm.
Type : C5-5 volt; C24-24V and C110-110V

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