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Protection for Antenna Radio System

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Zeus develops & manufactures the surge & lightning arrester product that most suitable to protect equipment & installation in the tropical region.

CoAx Arrester - Prima Radio Guard


Technical  data;

Nominal discharge (8/20us) I sn= 10kA; Voltage Protection Level Up= 1kV; Frequency range BNC  >=2Ghz; N>= 6GHz; UHF=>= 6GHz; TV=>500mHz; Characteristic Impedance: 50 Ohm, Grounding Bulkhead; Basic Component: gas arrester; Cable: Fine stranded 2.5mm2; Acessories: cable shoe; cable glance; cable thies.

Ordering Information

Rb=BNC male/BNC Female connector; Rn= N Male/N Female connector; Ru = Umale/U Female connector; Rf = F Female/Female connector. 

Arrester suitable to protect radio equipment against  induced surge caused by lightning strike

Protection device for 50 ohm; 75 ohm and 93 ohm systems; e.q radio system. For installation within the lightning Protection Zones Concept at the boundaries from lightning protection zone 0-1.

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