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Protection for Information Technology System

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Surge protective device provides combined protection for mains data input.


Ordering Information :

  • TV Combi Guard : for mains data input of TV , radio & video equipment.
  • LAN Combi Guard : for mains data input of LAN components.
  • FAX Combi Guard  : for mains data input of telephone and modem.
  • Power Guard : protection for 3 general purpose.


  • visual function indicator (red lamp) for operation.
  • schuko plug for special application can be plugged into UK type.
  • for data line information, see technical data for Prima Telco Guard, Prima data Guard and Prima radio Guard.
Technical Specification :
Un=220V, Uc=275V, In=6A, Isn=5kA,
Imax=1-kA, Up = <1kV


PoE Power Over Ethernet

The Zeus PoE Ethernet arrester  is designed to protect sensitive data-processing equipment connected to a PoE (power over Ethernet) network from transient overvoltages.

PoE Ethernet Surge arrester for computer & IT
RJ-45  CAT5 protection
10/100/1000 Base-T Network CAT5 Protection
802.3af Power-over-Ethernet POE Compatible.
75Volt DC Spark over voltage
Speed 10M / 100 MB/ 1 GB second


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