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PT. Zeus Prima Garda a lightning protection company established in Indonesia as a country under the equator with the highest thunderstormdays in the world. Backup with the most experience expertises in this field and support by the lightning research centre in Bandung West Java, the company produces the most suitable lightning protection for application in the tropical region. 
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ZEUS External Lightning Protection ESE & ElectroStatic

The company ZEUS PRIMA GARDA produces the lightning surge arrester to solve the increasing problems in the telecommunications equipment, telephone PABX, computers network, digital control system and instrumentation.
Electronics equipment, microprocessor, control system and computer has become smaller and more powerfull but in the other side those equipments become more furnerable to the induced surge caused by lightning strike.  

Most lightning arresters in the local market are produced in the non tropical country of which mostly are not sufficient to protect equipment against lightning impuls in the tropic.

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Zeus Surge Arrester Radio


PT.Zeus Prima Garda products provide safety to your assets and belongings against surge & lighnting hazard.

 Product Range:

  • Radio Guard arrester for protection of radio system.
  • Combi Guard arrester for protection of  TV, LAN netwok,fax  and all in combination with power supply protection.
  • Telco Guard arrester for protection of telecommunication equipment.
  • PoE Arrester for protection of PoE Power Over Ethernet RJ-45 Cat.5 or Cat.6 Equipment
  • Data Guard arrester for protection of computer-data system, HUB distribution panel.
  • Control Guard arrester for protection of control system.
  • Power Guard arrester for protection of power system.
  • Electrical Surge arrestes 1,2 or 3 phases for protection of electrical network.
  • Lightning Protection E.S.E Early Streamer Emission or Electrostatic  to protect building & infrastructure. 

PT. Zeus Prima Garda
jl: Mampang Prapatan XV No:18 
Jakarta 12790 - Indonesia
Mobile Tel: +62-(0)85-1060.95480 / +62-(0)811-996.9810 
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PT.Zeus Prima Garda

PT. Zeus Prima Garda
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PT. Zeus Prima Garda
jl: Mampang Prapatan XV No:18 
Jakarta 12790 - Indonesia
Mobile Tel: +62-(0)85-1060.95480. / +62-(0)811-996.9810